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IFS Therapist 

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Patti Bee, M.S. LPC, LMHC 

-  Unique Expertise ... Three Levels of Deep Access 

     Deep Subconscious Access

     Deep Nervous System Access

     Deep Inner Parts Dialogue Access

-  Finally realize you are NOT forever damaged, you just needed therapy with Unique Deep Access 

-  Resolve & Repair that "Last Hanger-on Issue"  


-  Patti Has 30+ yrs. of Experience in ...


       Professional Psychic & Energy Work 

       10+ yrs. IFS Therapy work with clients (F/T) 


... which translates to Tenured Skill that unlocks the 

    hidden motives keeping stuck issues ... stuck!

-  Show up with more ease, in your center,

   clear on who you are & what you offer! 

Shining Star of Hope in Therapy

Therapy for Women 

Resolve that ... 
"Last Hanger-on"  Issue

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If you are looking for transformative therapy in Wisconsin, internal family systems therapy is effective therapy, that incorporates personalized therapy session, best therapy practices, as well as real results counseling. Patti Bee can be that be the one that show up when you type the words IFS Therapist near me. She provides mental health therapy services, that really do provide successful therapy outcomes for lasting change. If you are looking for a positive therapy experience, Patti Bee, LPC, provides IFS Therapy and she is accepting new clients. You really can find therapy that works. You are not forever damaged. You just needed to find Inner Parts work which utilizes therapeutic interventions for success, and real result in therapy.   Proven therapy techniques combined with Patti's tenured expertise, will provide your therapy success story, and give you a sense of reduced anxiety, and reduced depression. Most of my clients want that positive therapy experience when looking to find a therapist, and an IFS Therapist can provide that evidence-based therapy for real change.  When you think about a transformative growth experience in your life, therapy that actually has a known track record to provide results-driven counseling, can really make all the difference. 

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Patti's Work with Clients 

      Patti Bee is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), who has 10+ years of working within the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model, full time with her clients. Patti works with those who just haven't been able to shake that, "Last Hanger-on Issue."   



      Patti's distinctive gift as a therapist is in her years of training and practice in the three "Access Areas," that she believes are the reason why IFS Therapy is so effective.  Patti combines her Licensed Professional Counselor background with

31 years of experience in other inner parts models; in her own inner process work; before she found IFS Therapy 13 years ago. She also mixes in her 30 years of practice & study in Shamanism, Psychic Intuitive Work, and Energy Work, right alongside of her professional trauma training and the science of repairing the nervous system patterning.  


     She offers a holistic therapy approach that is an exclusive blend of adept listening to these pivotal access levels in the body and the mind. Patti holds the space in session with the ability to hear the issue at hand, even when it is not fully articulated. She is also compassionate and respectful, making it a collaborative experience for you. Patti uses her tenured ability to guide her clients to the possibility of real results in psychotherapy, and freedom from that "Last Hanger-on Issue."  


Ketamine Integration Psychotherapy 


      Patti has also trained in Ketamine Integration Psychotherapy for both preparatory session(s) before you have your first Ketamine medicine journey, and then after your Ketamine sessions. The Preparatory Psychotherapy sessions are offered as a way to decrease inner obstacles before the Ketamine experience. In the Ketamine Integration Psychotherapy after your Ketamine sessions, Patti works with you to enhance a more durable symptom reduction experience.  


      IFS Therapy has been recommended by the MAPS Project as a preferred treatment to be used with therapeutic psychedelic medicine journeys, such as Ketamine. The MAPS Project is the premiere organization sponsoring the reemergence of Psychedelic Therapy Research for using psychedelic substances in the treatment of mental health conditions. Their research has shown great promise that the therapeutic use of psychedelics actually reduces symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD.


      Ketamine in particular is showing results for opening up many more neural pathways for greater adaptability and flexible coping. It literally creates a window of new neural plasticity in the brain, which can release old stuck patterns, and significantly reduce the effects of old traumas. Ketamine Integration Psychotherapy capitalizes to  make the best use of this window of opportunity to create new coping, better functions, and more lasting results. 

      In the Ketamine Integration Psychotherapy sessions, Patti will assist you in strengthening those new neural pathways that Ketamine medicine sessions are known for opening up.  She supports you in solidifying new ways of being, offering her IFS expertise to facilitate deep inner repair of old distressing patterns, and previously stuck traumas. Patti’s work will help you discover new and unexpected ways for finding inner resolution. This can lead to being more grounded in your core center, garnering a greater sense of confidence and clarity in your life.    

Ketamine Integration Psychotherapy, Wisconsin, Iowa, KAP, Psychedelics Therapy, IFS with Ketamine Therapy, Internal Family Systems. 

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  3 Unique ...
             "Access Levels" 

 ... that Resovle that "Last Hanger-on Issue" 
Represents Abundance and Treatment Option that work
  • ... Patti Bee, LPC,  has seasoned expertise in all three 

         Unique "Levels of Access" 

  •       1) Deep Subconscious Access to what's eluded you so far 

  •       2) Deep Nervous System Access so you're not just in your head

  •       3) Deep Dialoguing Access ...

  •       ... to dialogue with inner parts to reveal hidden motives that keep the stuck issue...  stuck

  • Find Self-Leadership ...

  • Feel the potent repair of resolving the issue, and knowing your value 

  • Finally realize you are not forever damaged... you just didn't have the the precise, deep access needed in therapy

  • And finally... resolve that  "Last Hanger-on Issue" 


Shining Star of Hope in Therapy

Free 30-Minute Consult 

Soothing for Anxiety and Trust
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How Inner Parts Work ... Works!  

Star of Hope to Distress

        IFS Therapy is Inner Parts work and it is a way of looking at an issue as an inner personification, or as we call it, an inner part.  When you ask, "what is IFS Therapy?" It really is the process of the IFS Therapist guiding you on how to find that personification related to the issue you want to resolve.


      This involves expertise guiding you to first access the deep and hidden subconscious material. And, then another special type of access to dialogue with the inner part to help it repair its compelled behaviors, inaccurate thoughts, or conclusions from long ago, in order to heal you life. And there is a third special area of expertise needed to ensure that the dialoguing is not just done in your head; deep nervous system access. The IFS Therapist needs to have experience and wisdom in all three of these areas to connect you to your inner parts in a way that ushers in productive unburdening of the source material of an old issue.


     You will also be learning more about real, adult self-leadership that brings you much more empowerment. To get to this, you will be strengthening the C's of Self (listed to the left here).  Don't worry though, you don't have to already know how to be that way, or how to get all that. That's what the therapy will do. It will grow you into those new places.  


     We will spend time getting to know inner parts and find out what is concerning to the part. And why the part does the behaviors (or thoughts/feelings) in your life that cause issues for you.  I will be steering the discovery process to find the burdens that the inner part carries, and the inaccurate assumptions that part made long ago, that led to those burdens. Many times those are common themes of not being worthy, not deserving, not having a right to exist as you needed to exist (as a kid), believing you don't quite have a right to have your needs met, or just a continual theme of not being heard, or not seen. Other times inner parts report having some overly adult role as a child, that was just too big of a job for a little one. 


     The power of IFS Therapy is in the quality of inner attending that comes with these special types of access to the subconscious, the nervous system, and the dialogue process. Patti's past experience in intuitive & healing arts, contributes to that very deep access and she uses it to guide the IFS process in session. Her tenured experience holds the space for you to connect to your inner parts to you can be the safe & solid adult leader they needed long ago. 


     As you practice IFS in session, your Self-Leadership, strengthens, and your parts will begin to trust you more and more. Which means they can let go more and more of their compelled strategies that keep you stuck in some issue or pattern. When this begins to happen, there is less of a sense of inner conflict, and you begin to feel more aligned with your center, and a sense of inner safety.


    The process of an inner part unburdening, as it is called, is what has proven to be life changing in IFS Therapy. And because of that, It is known to repair anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, and childhood attachment wounding, and emotional neglect in childhood that many times can be very invisible in a person's life, especially for those that have had pretty good outcomes, and have had some life "successes." And, yet, some invisible thing gnaws inside that jsut does not feel right.  IFS can find those hidden places, and touch what needs to be seen there and access the repair work. 

Patti Bee, LPC, IFS Therapist, would be honored to usher you through the IFS Therapy process, to help you gain the new strengths and inner alignment of empowerment you have been yearning for.

Email Patti Today! 

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