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About Patti Bee 

Patti Bee, LPC, IFS Therapist
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     Patti Bee, M.S., LPC, LMHC, IFS Therapist; works with women who are looking for therapy that can access the deep subconscious operating system of the psyche, while simultaneously and gently, accessing the nervous system for a more complete repair that can actually resolve old emotional and psychological trauma. Most often they have coped o.k. enough for years, but some "Last Hanger-on" Issue has impeded their feeling that confident “ring” in their soul, that their life is working with contented joy and satisfaction. They have noticed that this issue seems to be some elusive old wound, that has left them doubting themselves in subtle ways.  As the years have gone on with this issue still unresolved; they are beginning to worry that this could be irreparable.  That gnawing feeling continues to subtly erode their self- worth, even though their achievements externally have been successful enough.


     If you are yearning to find therapy that really can access that old subconscious material in a way that will actually repair it and resolve it, Patti's expertise combines energy work, shamanism, and the IFS Therapy Model, to help you garner real results in psychotherapy. Her unique expertise touches places inside with a depth that many of her clients mention was not possible in other therapies they tried. This is due to the Deep Access into the subconscious psyche that IFS provides and then the Deep Nervous System that Patti's seasoned trauma training offered, and all of that mixed with her 30+ years of experience as a professional intuitive and energy healer. 

     The women Patti works with are ready to finally dig in and commit to doing this type of repair work, with a therapist that can help them realize the truth of their being, and that they are not forever damaged; they just needed therapy with very unique, deep access, that could touch those stuck places.


     IFS Therapy has an un-burdening process that operates in new and unexpected ways, different than other therapies you may have tried. And it gets at the root of how child parts of us made inaccurate conclusions, long ago, and how those inner parts are still trying to resolve those issue from long ago. That's why that last hanger on issue seems so elusive to fully get at, and has been hard to resolve and repair.  An inner part trying to fulfill a need from a childhood time in your life, is not going to make sense in your adult life.  Patti's IFS Therapy tenure & expertise, offers tangible ways to access all of that, and unwind what got stuck in your nervous system long ago. Patti is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has over 10+ years of experience working full time with clients within the IFS Therapy Model.  


Patti's unique blend of psychotherapy is a combination of deep, energetic attunement when the client is working inwardly, mixed with scientific-based models for working with trauma in the nervous system, and then Patti's previous 30 years of experience as an energy healer and professional intuitive work. These have given her an extra edge in knowing that just right next step in the therapy work, to get to that powerful unburdening of inner obstacles and trauma, that IFS is famous for achieving.  

     Additionally, Patti has worked with inner parts, in her own process, for 43 years; long before she discovered the IFS model. Once adding in IFS Therapy to her skill set, Patti has been able to offer potent therapy that resolves old issues and delivers real results so you can finally be free from that "Last Hanger-on Issue."  

Patti is a Wisconsin Licensed Professional Counselor and an Iowas Licensed Mental Health Counselor. She serves all of Wisconsin & Iowas, as well as the Madison, Wisconsin area. And coming soon the entire United States due to the upcoming Counseling Compact for license portability.  She is a Nationally Certified Counselor. Patti has availability & openings in her schedule, and is accepting new clients.


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Patti's Unique Skills

star of hope
Star of hope

Patti uses her Shamanic & Psychic Skills to "see" where you are, when you're working inwardly with an inner part, in the deep IFS process. Her many years of practicing these skills assist her in knowing what to ask next, and where the greatest repair   can be enhanced in each step of your therapy. 

Patti Bee is a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Names on Client Testimonials are not allowed due to strict Client Confidentiality.

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