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       Patti Bee, LPC, IFS Therapist, is a psychotherapist with over 10+ years of experience in this sophisticated & effective mental health treatment model known as Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS Therapy) which offers real results in repairing & healing anxiety. 


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Anxiety  Help

This is not just over simplified inner child work. It is incredibly effective at healing & repairing the deep subconscious issue that keeps the stuck anxiety; stuck; in those hard to reach places in your inner psyche. Helping to relieve the Anxiety and any Depression due to the anxiety becoming chronic. 

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Repair  &  Healing 

You will gain access to the unconscious and compelled thinking, behaviors and feelings that have skewed you ability to moderate worries and concerns.  In the IFS Model, it is inner parts that carry those burdens. And those inner parts can release those inaccurate assumptions, about your life, and that hold the anxiety in place. That is why changing the anxiety has been so elusive to shift before. 

       Patti Bee, being IFS Trained, and has expertise that will guide & lead you to unburden those stuck inner part's, and help you repair the anxiety that has caused issues in your life. 

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