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Patti Bee, LPC
IFS Therapist 

Patti Bee, LPC, IFS Therapist
Star of hope

      Patti Bee, LPC is a seasoned IFS Therapist in Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS).  Patti has 10+ years of experience working with clients full time in the IFS Model. Patti works with high functioning adults that haven't been able to shake that, "Last Hanger-on Issue." 

     If you are new to IFS Therapy, it is a therapy model that views the psyche as a system of inner parts, or personifications, that help a person cope. And we dialogue with those parts to help them resolve issues that are interfering with your life. And, it has become a very sought after psychotherapy as it also has some evidence-based research to back up the efficacy. 

      Patti's distinctive gift as a therapist is in her years of training and practice in the three "Access Areas," that she believes are the reason why IFS Therapy is so effective.  She has expertise both as a Licensed Professional Counselor, and in her previous careers, as a Shamanism Practitioner, Professional Psychic Intuitive and doing Energy Work. She combines all of these with her tenure as an IFS Therapist, right along side of her professional trauma training and the science of repairing the nervous system patterning.


       Patti offers a holistic therapy approach that offers expertise and deep listening in all three of these crucial "Access Areas:" 1) Deep Subconscious Access; so you can access the hidden motives that keep inner parts stuck (and your life stuck),  2) Deep Nervous System Access; so you are not just in your head (that would be more of what did not work before), and 3) Deep Dialoguing Access; which is the skill of IFS Therapy; to build trust with an inner part and help it release it's hidden motives driving the issue or patterning that has been so hard to access in other therapy. 


       Patti holds the space in session for all three of these areas with the ability to hear the issue at hand, even when it is not fully articulated. She is also compassionate and respectful, making it a collaborative experience for you. Patti's uses her tenured ability to guide her clients to the possibility of real results in psychotherapy, and freedom from that "Last Hanger-on Issue."  

       Additionally, Patti has worked with inner parts, in her own process, for 30 years previous, to finding the IFS model 13 years ago. Once adding in IFS Therapy to her skill set, she has been able to offer potent therapy.


       Finally, you can know that you are not forever damaged, and you do not have some issue you will never be able to resolve. You just had not yet found therapy that had the proper deep access that was needed to find it, and repair it.  Email Patti Today! 

Patti serves Madison Wisconsin & throughout the United States soon, due to the upcoming Counseling Compact for license portability.  She is a Nationally Certified Counselor; & may help those in other areas due to the upcoming Counseling Compact for license portability. More Information ... policies & procedures, terms of use, fees,        resources 

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Patti's Unique Skills

star of hope
Star of hope

Patti uses her Shamanic & Psychic Skills to "see" where you are, when you're working inwardly with an inner part, in the deep IFS process. Her many years of practicing these skills assist her in knowing what to ask next, and where the greatest repair   can be enhanced in each step of your therapy. 

Patti Bee is a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Names on Client Testimonials are not allowed due to strict Client Confidentiality.

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