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     Patti Bee, LPC, IFS Therapist, is a Licensed Professional Counselor, and has had official IFS Training. She works with high functioning adults that haven't been able to shake that, "Last Hanger-on Issue." Patti has practiced IFS Therapy, full time with clients for 10+ years.  

     Now Accepting New Clients - as of July 2023

      Patti's distinctive gift as a therapist is in her combination of 30 years of experience with inner parts work in other models, in her own inner process; before finding IFS Therapy 13 years ago. She has worked full time within the IFS Model the past 10+ years. She also has studied & practiced Shamanism, Psychic Intuitive work, and Energy work for over 30 years. These areas of expertise, mixed with her professional trauma training and the science of repairing the nervous system patterning, in psychotherapy, have seasoned Patti's unique IFS Therapy offering.


     Patti's deep listening skills on several levels, gives her the ability to hear the issue at hand, even when it is not fully articulated. She can skillfully guide the inner work towards resolution and repair that Internal Family Systems Therapy is known for.  


     Patti is accepting new clients in the summer of 2023 as she has just gone out as a solo practitioner after being an owner/partenr in a Mental Health Clinic for over 11 years.

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